dora does the right thing

Through Dora's eyes and actions teach your child to do the right thing by standing up to bullies.

Watch Dora teach your kids how to deal with people who are being unfair or bullies. Then try these activities to help your preschooler learn to do the right thing--just like Dora!
Dora did something very important in this story. When Owl was acting like a bully and excluding Squirrel from the game, she said, "Hey, that wasn't fair!" Instead of being a bystander, Dora did the right thing. She stood up to Owl and made him see that excluding anyone is not fair or right.

You can help your child understand that just standing by when they see someone being teased or bullied is not right. However, it is very important to give children strategies that will help them not be a bystander but also keep them safe. A good way to do that is by play-acting with puppets.

Play Acting with Puppets

Make three craft-stick puppets of your own choosing with your child, or you can make Dora or other Nick Jr. character puppets or paper dolls here or here. If you make your own puppets you can draw on a face and glue bits of fabric and yarn for clothes and hair. Write the name of your child on one of the puppets and give the other puppets names as well.
    Puppet 1 to Puppet 2: You can't play with me today.
  • Puppet 2: Why not? We played together yesterday.
  • Puppet 1: Because I say so. Go away!
Ask, "What would you do if you saw this happening in the playground?" Then have your child use his or her puppet to play-act the following possible strategies.
  • Use your words and tell Puppet 1 to stop. Say why it is unfair and hurtful.
  • Be a friend to Puppet 2. Ask him or her to play and feel welcome.
  • Find an adult like a teacher or other grownup and ask them to come help.

Making Feeling Cards

Use pieces of cardboard or construction paper and markers to create a set of feeling cards. Draw faces that show different feelings, for example, Happy, Sad, Angry, Scared, Strong. Or you can print Rintoo's Emotions Flash Cards or assemble Rintoo's Emotions Poster for this activity as well. Play act with the puppets and ask, "How does Puppet 1 feel?" "How does Puppet 2 feel?" Then select the cards that match each feeling. Ask, "Can you tell me why you think the puppets feel that way."

Ask your child, "How did you feel when Puppet 1 told Puppet 2 to go away?" "Which cards match how you felt?" "Which cards match how you felt when you stood up for your friend?" "How do you think your friend feels about you?" Talk about how doing the right thing makes you and others feel good.
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