bubble guppies: everyone plays together

Watch the Bubble Guppies video, talk about it with your child, then try to incorporate the activities to build awareness that it's more fun when everyone plays.

In this Bubble Guppies video, three little fish are playing a fun game and don't want to let a fourth little fish play with them. But excluding someone from a game or activity can cause hurt feelings. It's more fun for all when everyone is included.

You can help your child understand that excluding someone from playing can make another child feel unwelcome and sad. Helping children develop empathy--understanding how their actions affect another person's feeling--is an important lesson parents can teach their kids.

Playing a "What If" Game

Draw a happy face, an angry face, and a sad face on paper plates and ask your child to hold up which plate matches the following scenarios:
  • Your friend at school says, "I don't want to play with you today."
  • Three children are playing a game you really like, and they say "you can't play."
  • Your friends make space for you at the lunch table.
  • You ask a new child at school, "Do you want to sit next to me at lunch?"
  • You invite everyone in your class to your birthday party.
  • You ask someone if you can build with them and they say no.
Talk about how being included can make children feel good and how being excluded can make them feel angry or sad.

Pretending to Be Bubble Guppies

Make at least four easy-to-make Bubble Guppies fish puppets. Let your little one chose which characters to make. Act out the Bubble Guppies scenario in which the three fish are playing and don't want to let the fourth fish into the game. Pretend to blow bubbles like the fish. Take turns with your child pretending to be Molly, the Bubble Guppy who helps everyone to understand that letting everyone play is more fun.
Barbara Sprung and Merle Froschl, co-authors of this article, are Co-Directors of the Educational Equity Center at FHI 360 and the authors of The Anti-Bullying and Teasing Book for Preschool Classrooms.
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