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Help give books to children in need. It's FREE!

Nick Jr.'s goal is to generate 1 MILLION NEW BOOKS for the preschoolers who need them most--and you can help us reach it!

What is Nick Jr.'s Get Ready to Read Campaign?

Nick Jr.'s Get Ready to Read campaign is dedicated to building early literacy skills and awareness. Studies show that the number of books in the house is correlated with a child's ability to read and achieve academically.

Only 1 out of every 300 children from low-income families owns a book of their own. It's amazing that something as simple as a book can make such a big difference, and yet so many children do not have books.

In partnership with First Book, Nick Jr. is delivering on its mission to be like "preschool on TV" by making childhood literacy a curriculum priority and by helping to put books into the hands of kids who need them.
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