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There are even more ways for kids to play and learn every day!


Looking to find out about the exciting new look and new features on Nick Jr.?

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What's different about Nick Jr. now?

Nick Jr. has a brand-new look that brings to life an exciting, interactive world that's as bold, colorful, and imaginative as our shows. Nick Jr. is still the home of the most entertaining and educational programs on television, and we're highlighting that in new ways that will be fun and enjoyable for your child.

Nick Jr. now offers an even more playful and engaging environment for your preschooler with an even deeper focus on education--because we understand that kids learn best when they're having fun.

Nick Jr. is "The Smart Place to Play."

Will I be able to find all my kids' favorite shows?

Nick Jr. has always been the home of the most entertaining and educational shows on television. From Dora to Blue's Clues, to Bubble Guppies and Team Umizoomi, your kids' most-loved shows are on Nick Jr. all day long, along with new favorites like Mike the Knight and Franklin and Friends.

Click on the "Nick Jr." tab on the NickJr.com TV schedule page to see when your child's favorite shows are on. If you don't see a particular show on the schedule at the moment, you'll find videos for your kids right here on NickJr.com, along with games and activities starring all of our Nick Jr. characters!

What will my kids learn while watching Nick Jr.?

Because education is at the heart of everything we do on Nick Jr., our shows are developed in partnership with early childhood education experts who help us infuse every adventure with basic learning skills. While exploring with Dora, kids are expanding their problem-solving and observation skills. Umizoomi fans develop early math skills like counting, number recognition, and patterns in every mighty math mission. When they go diving with the Bubble Guppies, preschoolers are immersed in a rich curriculum of literacy, math, science, and the arts.

And in between your kids' favorite shows, you'll find even more preschool curriculum. The National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) has identified 7 curricular areas that are vital to preschoolers' education--literacy, math, creativity, science, movement, social studies, and social and emotional development. So all of the new songs, games, and interactive shorts that your kids see on Nick Jr. have been created specifically to enhance your preschooler's abilities in these areas.

You can find out more about Nick Jr.'s Educational curriculum here, and find fun, educational activities online at NickJr.com's Learning Center.

What else is new?

Kids learn best when they're engaged and having fun, so every month on Nick Jr. is now themed around the things that kids love to play--like pirates, mermaids, knights and princesses. These playful themes come to life though additional educational shorts and songs that change monthly--so there's always a new reason to play with us and new things to learn. You'll find daily "Word of the Day" vocabulary lessons, playful new monthly songs, and brand-new educational segments in between shows.

Where are Moose and Zee these days?

The characters your child already knows and loves--like Dora, the Bubble Guppies and Milli, Geo and Bot from Team Umizoomi--will guide the audience throughout the day and offer fun and educational content. Moose and his pal Zee are stepping away from the bright lights and cameras to focus on new plans of their own.

What's new at NickJr.com?

Throughout the site there are exciting new ways for your child to learn and play. You'll discover games and activities that reinforce the 7 vital curriculum areas (literacy, math, creativity, science, movement, social studies, and social and emotional development) and extend the fun and learning of our monthly themes. Check out our High Seas Month games and activities here.
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