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off-to-school checklist

School is right around the corner and it's time to get your little scholar ready for their big day. This checklist will help you both get ready to pass the first test with flying colors!

1. School Supplies

Don't wait until the last minute! Basics such as crayons, pencils and paper can be purchased year-round.
Hint: Be on the lookout for back-to-school sales, and stock up on items you know you'll need to replace.

2. Wardrobe & Footwear

Pick out plenty of solid, neutral colors to create multiple looks and coordinate with the latest trends. Choose comfortable and versatile footwear that can be worn from the classroom to the playground. It will help your budget, too!
Hint: Save time and money by shopping online, such as at Famous Footwear, where you will find exclusive offers and all of your favorite styles and brands in one place!

3. Backpack

Your little one can help choose their backpack. Just make sure it's large enough to accommodate their school supplies and a jacket, but not too large or heavy to carry!
Hint: Many are available with wheels and a telescopic handle.

4. Wall Calendar

Use the calendar to keep track of everything from after-school activities and teacher conferences to playdates and meal plans.
Hint: Staying organized reduces stress on everyone! To start, get your Diego calendar here.

5. Alarm Clock

Introduce your preschooler to telling time. Establish a regular bedtime and wake-up time and practice setting the alarm clock together.
Hint: Practice the routine the week before to help ease the transition. And for your sake, remind them to sleep in on weekends!

6. Insulated Lunch Box/Thermos

Buying an insulated lunch box and thermos keeps their lunches at the right temperature and mess-free. And they're eco-friendly, too!
Hint: Frozen water bottles and juice boxes can also help keep the lunches cold!

7. Menus

Planning school lunches for the week ensures your child will always have a healthy, well-balanced meal.
Hint: Prepare lunches the night before to streamline your morning routine. Check out these kid-friendly recipes.

8. Doctor Visit

Make sure your little one has had a physical examination and all vaccinations are up-to-date well before the start of school.
Hint: Don't procrastinate, and schedule that trip to the pediatrician now with these helpful checklists and reward certificates.

9. Emergency Contact Info

Place an index card with emergency contact information in their backpack. Teach your little ones basic information such as home address and phone number.
Hint: Program the school's emergency hotline in your mobile phone, so you don't reject an unknown number!

10. Practice Makes Perfect

Schedule a dry run to help you work out the kinks: Practice waking up on time, getting ready, and going to the bus stop or driving/walking to school.
Hint: It will ease some of the first-day jitters for both of you!

Congrats, you've aced the first test! Celebrate their first day of school with plenty of hugs, pictures, and a special dinner (and desserts)!
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