coming in january!

Dive in and discover something fin-tastic every day with Bubble Guppies, a new series coming to Nickelodeon!

Meet Molly, Gill, Oona, Deema, Goby and Nonny, six paddling preschoolers and their Bubble Puppy who discover something new every day. With the help of their schoolteacher, Mr. Grouper, the Bubble Guppies swim through their colorful classroom and underwater world, exploring sports, construction, rock 'n roll or any subject that sparks their interest. Each episode mirrors the day in a life of a preschooler, in an entertaining, "variety show" format. Your preschooler will laugh and learn with this adorable group of new friends through games, stories, and catchy songs.

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Why wait until January? Start singing and dancing along to the Bubble Guppies with your preschooler right now!
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