Firefighter Knights to the Rescue!

Watch Bubble Guppies on Nick Jr.

Ages 2-5

Little firefighters can use their mouse to help the Guppies and their water breathing dragon, Hydrangea, put out the fires! Move your mouse up and down to help Hydrangea fly and collect buckets of water. Look out for objects in the sky and on the ground. If you bump into objects you can lose a bucket. Click on Hydrangea to help her get low and get below the smoke safely. Use the wind gust for a quick speed boost. When you reach ye ole' barn and the royal castle, fill Hydrangea up with the water collected. Aim her head up and down and click the screen to make Hydrangea spray water. As a firefighter knight remember not to click the fire, its hot! Count the buckets you've collected as you go!

Developmental Skills Features

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