Deck out your house with homemade decor!

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Sledding Party Goody Bags

Goody! Goody! Some cool Backyardigans party favors

Backyardigans Spring Mobile

Make this mobile and swing into spring!

Tyrone Decorative Egg

Orange ya gonna put Tyrone the moose together?

Pablo Decorative Egg

Pablo's looking eggscellent.

Backyardigans Pop-Up Garden

Adorn your table with this easy, eye-popping Backyardigans craft

Pablo Hat Frame Magnet

Proudly display those family photos in this homemade magnetic clay frame.

Uniqua Decorative Egg

Uniqua's a good egg and a fun do-together craft.

Pablo Night-light

Calm nighttime fears with a friendly face!

Tyrone Gadget-Charging Pocket

Dad will get a charge out of this holiday gift!

9 Craft(s)
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