Creative Recycling

Creative Recycling

Rediscover all the ways you can reduce, reuse, recycle!

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Dora's Backpack Craft

Turn a cereal box into a cute storage box for kids

Dora's Cereal Box Maze

Turn a cereal box into a craft that will aMAZE your kids!

Dora's Enchanted Forest Castle

Kids can start their own magical adventure when you put together this charming shoebox theater!

Dora Rocks Puppet Theater

Turn a cereal box into a barnyard and host a big bash with Benny & friends!

Dora First Aid Kit

Dora says safety first!

Nick Jr. Wind Catcher Craft

Kids will be blown away by this beautiful outdoor decoration!

Dora in Wonderland Clock

Tick, tock, Dora and Boots are inside this clock!

Dora Kite

Perfect for catching springtime breezes, this is no garden-variety kite!

Dora T-Shirt Pillow

Dora says, "Let's go green!" And by recycling an old T-shirt, you can make a huggable snuggle pillow

9 Craft(s)
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