Crafts for 3-4 year-olds

Crafts for 3-4 year-olds

The perfect projects for preschoolers!

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Dora's Night-light

Dora shines a special light on your little sleeping explorers

Dora July 4th Seashell Frame

Share special Fourth memories with a red, white & blue seashell frame!

Dora's Hearts Mobile

Adorn your loved one's room with this heartfelt mobile you can make together

Nick Jr. Cornucopia

Kids can help get ready for the feast by adding color to this printable centerpiece!

Dora Father's Day Photo Frame

Turn a paper plate into a circle of love for Dad

Boots Night-light

Let's not monkey around about sleep. Boots is a familiar, safe face for your youngsters to gaze at

Boots No-Sew Snuggle Pillow

Just when you thought Boots couldn't be any more huggable!

Nick Jr. Centerpiece

Invite your child's favorite Nick Jr. friends to the kids table with this printable craft

Dora Candy Cane Covers

Your preschooler can give a special holiday treat to everyone on her list!

9 Craft(s)
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