Winter Crafts

Winter Crafts

So many ways to celebrate Winter!

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Nick Jr. Winter Door Sign

Make a do-together craft kids can proudly display on their door

Dora Holiday Ornament Craft

Kids can turn recyclables into beautiful Dora decorations!

Dora Candy Cane Cover Craft

Santa's little helpers can make a sweet sled for Dora and Swiper!

Dora Candy Cane Covers

Your preschooler can give a special holiday treat to everyone on her list!

Dora Winter Diorama

A snow day? Hurray! Grab a shoebox and create a scene starring your favorite explorer!

Boots Cozy Slippers

Create the cutest footwear to warm up little toes!

Boots No-Sew Scarf

Let's bundle up with Boots and go outside!

Dora Tabletop Christmas Tree

Turn your table into a winter wonderland with this seasonal centerpiece!

Dora & Diego Tree Ornaments

Add a little adventure to your tree this year with the help of your kids' favorite exploring pair!

9 Craft(s)
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