Valentine's Day Crafts

Valentine's Day Crafts

So many ways to celebrate Valentine's Day!

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Kai-lan Super Hearts Mobile

Make a simple decoration that's SUPER cute

Tolee Valentine CD Case

Wear your heart on your CD sleeve this Valentine's Day!

Kai-lan Pop-Up Valentine

Make sweethearts super happy with this crafty card

Rintoo Valentine's Pillow

Turn a "roarrr!" into a "purrr" with this cuddly pillow

YeYe Valentine's Pillow

Give your heart and your love to someone special this Valentine's Day.

Tolee Valentine's Pillow

Snuggle up with Tolee this Valentine's Day!

Sun Valentine's Pillow

Warm your Valentine's heart with this no-sew pillow

Kai-lan Valentine's Pillow

Share a heart as big as Kai-lan's with someone special.

Kai-lan's Pocket Valentines

Kai-lan and Rintoo are popping up to say Happy Valentine's Day!

9 Craft(s)
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