Valentine's Day Crafts

Valentine's Day Crafts

So many ways to celebrate Valentine's Day!

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Rintoo Valentine's Pillow

Turn a "roarrr!" into a "purrr" with this cuddly pillow

YeYe Valentine's Pillow

Give your heart and your love to someone special this Valentine's Day.

Kai-lan's Pocket Valentines

Kai-lan and Rintoo are popping up to say Happy Valentine's Day!

Kai-lan Pop-Up Valentine

Make sweethearts super happy with this crafty card

Tolee Valentine's Pillow

Snuggle up with Tolee this Valentine's Day!

Sun Valentine's Pillow

Warm your Valentine's heart with this no-sew pillow

Tolee Valentine CD Case

Wear your heart on your CD sleeve this Valentine's Day!

Kai-lan Valentine's Pillow

Share a heart as big as Kai-lan's with someone special.

Kai-lan Super Hearts Mobile

Make a simple decoration that's SUPER cute

9 Craft(s)
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