Peter Rabbit No-Sew Pillow

Peter Rabbit No-Sew Pillow

Can't find Peter Rabbit toys? It's easy to make your own. Hop to it! Print and trace our templates onto colored felt, glue the pieces together as instructed, and you've got a snugly keepsake for your little bunny.

We're hopping into summer every day on Nick Jr.We're hopping into summer every day on Nick Jr.

Peter Rabbit No-Sew Pillow

Craft Features

Allow for Dry Time
You'll need to allow extra time for glue or paint to dry.
Parent Supervision Needed
This craft requires extra parent involvement and a watchful eye, because it may require sharp tools or intricate handiwork.

Developmental Skills

Share & Care with Us
Share & Care skills are part of social-emotional learning and include: building self-esteem, cooperating, empathizing with others, and identifying feelings.
Ages: 3-6


  • Two large brown fleece sheets
  • 1 large tan or cream and blue felt square
  • Small black, white, and green felt scraps
  • Peter Rabbit No-Sew Pillow Templates
  • Fabric scissors (adults only)
  • Brown fabric paint (optional)
  • Water-resistant fabric glue (Fabri-Tac or something similar)
  • Pillow stuffing (cotton or polyester batting)
  • Cotton ball


  1. STEP 1: Getting Ready

    Prepare your work area by assembling all the craft items you'll need for making your pillow creation, then print out the Peter Rabbit No-Sew Pillow Templates.

  2. STEP 2: Cutting Out the Pieces

    Cut out the templates and trace them onto the appropriate color felt sheets as indicated. Cut the felt sheets along the traced lines. TIPS FOR PARENTS: Either fleece or felt can be used to make these pillows, but felt works best, especially for the face details. Grown-ups should cut out the pieces, before working with your preschool helper to assemble the pillow.

  3. STEP 3: Creating Peter Rabbit

    First attach the legs to the body on both the front and back panels. Next, apply the inner belly to the front panel. Once affixed, add the jacket and body details (see photo for a guide). Help your child apply the face and ear details. A grown-up should apply the glue to and place the face pieces on the body panel. Apply light pressure to ensure the pieces stay in place. Fabri-Tac and similar products are quick-drying. For Peter's eyes' reflections, either draw them with white fabric paint or cut out two tiny circles from white felt. You may also choose to draw in the nose and mouth or use felt.

  4. STEP 4: Assembling the Pillow

    Flip the back body panel over and add the jacket and backpack (optional). Glue a cotton ball to create Peter's tail. Allow time to dry and flip over.<br><br> Next, use several beads of glue between the front and back panel edges and press the edges together until the glue takes (about a minute). Once the bottom of the body has dried, begin stuffing with batting and continue gluing the sides together. Try not to over-stuff the pillow, as this will make it difficult to glue the sides together. Keep gluing and pressing all the edges until the pillow is sealed on all sides. <br><br> Allow the pillow to dry before handing it over to its pint-sized owner!

Tip: We didn't sew this pillow, but if you're handy with a sewing machine, go for it. Your pillow is sure to become a keepsake.
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