dino dan's curriculum

Here's what your Dino fan will be learning!

Not only are Dino Dan's adventures incredibly fun, they're also incredibly educational. Dan's an authority on all things dinosaur and he loves sharing his knowledge with his friends, teachers, family members, and anyone else he might run into.

Each episode of Dino Dan centers around a common kid issue like having to play with your little brother, going to the dentist, or trying to win at hide 'n' seek. These, naturally, lead Dan to wonder how the dinosaurs would act in a similar situation. Dan comes up with a dino question or experiment to test his theories. (Here's where the scientific method comes in.) If his first theory proves false, Dan comes up with a partial answer or discovers new information to help him resolve the question. Then Dan discovers a new way of tackling the experiment and the problem is resolved.

While teaching kids all about science, Dan also teaches them about dinosaurs. Kids get to know their Jurassic friends from their Triassic friends, the carnivores from the herbivores, the bi-peds from the flying pterosaurs. The dinos on Dino Dan don't speak, high-five, or use deductive reasoning, but have distinct personalities that come through in grunts, snorts, and (potentially) the occasional wink. Dan works with the dinos' instincts as part of his scientific method for proving his theories. In order for him to find the answers to his questions, Dan has to use their animal natures and "trick" them into participating in his plans. One day he's faking a dinosaur call, another day he's using food to lure them out or using himself or one of his friends as bait.
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