help dora help others this holiday

Send a picture of your child helping and sharing with others this holiday season--and you could see it on NICK during Dora's Christmas Carol Adventure!

In Dora's Christmas Carol Adventure, Dora helps Swiper learn the true meaning of the holiday season by showing him how to share with others. Now Dora wants YOUR child's help to share with and help others! What kinds of things will your kids do to get into the holiday spirit? Send us a picture and tell us your holiday helper's good deed and we'll choose some of our favorites to feature on TV, on the Dora Facebook page, and in our photo gallery.

Upload your kid's picture here!

Need some "good deed" ideas? Here are some simple ways your preschooler can help and share:

  • Make a card or gift for a neighbor
  • Hug a friend
  • Help take care of a younger sibling
  • Feed or walk a pet
  • Help a parent set the dinner table or clean up after dinner
  • Visit a grandparent
  • Clean up without being asked
  • Water a plant
  • Share a favorite toy with a friend or sibling
  • Make a new friend
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