Dora Saves the Farm

Watch Dora the Explorer on Nick Jr.

Ages 3-6

This game will appeal to almost every child who loves farm animals. Use your mouse to help Dora with all the different tasks on Benny's farm. In the coop, collect the chickens' eggs with a basket, then get the baby pigs out of the mud and into their hut, and match the animal noises to their owners in the barn. The game teaches basic motor skills and animal-sounds recognition. Plus the game has the added bonus of helping Dora and Benny with the farm! This game has one level.

Developmental Skills Features

COUNT with us

Covers numbers, counting, measurement, math terms and comparisons, shapes, and patterns.

READ with us

Read with us skills focus on early literacy and include: listening, comprehension, speech, reading, writing, vocabulary, letters and their sounds, and spelling.

DISCOVER with us

Explores STEM areas, observing and predicting, investigating nature, Earth, and space.