rock the planet episode guide

Get ready for all-new eco adventures of Max & Ruby, Franklin, and the Fresh Beat Band! Tune in Friday, 4/20, starting at 9 a.m. on Nickelodeon.


This Earth Day we're rockin' the planet with awesome earthy episodes of your favorite shows!

"Max's Ducky Day" / "Ruby's Earth Day List" / "Ruby's Earth Day Party"

On Earth Day, Max is helping Ruby clean the park ... or is he helping in another way?

Ruby has a lot to do on her Earth Day checklist, but Max just wants to enjoy earth itself!

Ruby wants to have an Earth Day Costume Party, but Max just wants to dig in the earth.

"Franklin & the Amazing Stupendous Circus Trick" / "Franklin's Earth Day"

Franklin learns to spin plates from Aunt T and is surprised to learn that the class thinks he can do far more.

Franklin's over-zealousness nearly ruins the classes' Earth Day project.

"Keeping It Green"

The Fresh Beats find out that the mayor is going to replace their favorite park with a new office building. So they find different ways to stop the construction and finally have a big concert to let everyone know how much they love the park.
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