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barbie & her sisters in a pony tale dvd

This DVD is best for preschoolers ages 3-5

Barbie, Skipper, Stacie and Chelsea spend the summer at their aunt's equestrian academy in Switzerland, where they find the horses of their dreams—and a legendary one that everyone believed was only a dream.
The combination of Barbie and horses will delight young girls, who will live vicariously through the sisters' magical adventure in the Alps. They'll love the mysterious white horse with the pink streak in her mane, and will learn that animals need to be respected and are not just there for our own enjoyment. The movie, on the other hand, is totally there for their enjoyment!

For Babies 0-2?

MAYBE Babies won't understand the plot line about trying to save the academy, but it won't matter because they'll be so infatuated by the horses! Two-year-olds will be captivated by the exciting race to the finish, and will be shocked and horrified by the rider who cheats in an attempt to win.


YES Preschoolers will find the close bond between Barbie and her horse so heartwarming, especially when they each take a turn at saving the other. Young children will relate to Chelsea, who yearns to ride a big horse yet gets stuck with a pony named Dash. They'll laugh when she complains that Dash nibbles on her hair because of her marshmallow shampoo, and they'll find the movie title itself funny because of its double meaning.


MAYBE Older kids in this age group have probably outgrown the animated Barbie adventures but those on the younger end will enjoy learning more about horses, including show terms like dressage and steeplechase. They'll also discover, like Skipper does, that they can have better relationships with animals—and people!—by trying to work with them and be friends rather than trying to control them.

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