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barbie: the pearl princess

This DVD is best for preschoolers.

Mermaid Lumina (Barbie) dreams of being a princess, and when she finally gets a chance to visit the royal kingdom, she discovers her mysterious magical powers may actually grant some of the king's and queen's wishes as well.
Girls adore the Barbie movies, which are always imaginative and empowering. The audience for this one skews a little older than most, as it deals with a jealous general whose goal is to poison the royal family so his son will become heir to the throne. It's full of drama and perilous situations but provides plenty of comic relief through clever characters like Lumina's pet seahorse, Kuda. As a clumsy, awkward young man ends up becoming a true hero, the movie reassures its impressionable audience that inside every oyster, there is, indeed, a pearl.

For Babies 0-2?

MAYBE Although even the youngest viewers will find Lumina and her underwater world very appealing, they may not understand the whole idea of poisoning--and when you explain it to them, they may be wary about drinking anything! Two-year-olds will be drawn in by the eye candy animation and the kingdom of mer-people.


YES Preschoolers will be fascinated by this kingdom under the sea, and will especially love Madame Ruckus, the octopus owner of Salon de Mer, who "can only do eight things at once!" They'll understand why Lumina can't resist using her powers to create stunning, pearl-studded hairstyles and they'll laugh when Kuda starts a speech with "Ladies and jellyfish!"


YES Kids in this age group will be wide-eyed as the General, unsure where the poison has been poured, tries to decide which glass to serve to the King. They will enjoy coming up with their own choice, and the overall story will give them much food for thought.


MAYBE Most tweens have probably outgrown the Barbie movies, but 10-year-olds may appreciate some of the puns and wordplay, including the facts that Lumina's aunt is named Scylla and that the messengers sent out by the evil general are, literally, "slimy eels."

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