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cloudy with a chance of meatballs 2

This DVD is best for kids ages 6-9.

Well-intentioned inventor Flint Lockwood (voice of Bill Hader) is shocked to discover that the machine he created and believed was destroyed is still around and is now combining food and animals into "foodimals!"
If the original movie—and beloved book—whetted children's appetites for fun with food, this sequel will satisfy that hunger with a smorgasbord of creative creatures and appealing animation. The filmmakers took the basic ingredients of the imaginative story and added a spicy new plot twist. The result is a real treat, and the fact that it also sends some valuable messages about friendship, our ecosystem and the people we look up to is just icing on the cake.

DVD Features: The 3-disc combo pack comes with Blu-ray 3D, Blu-ray, DVD and digital versions of the movie. The DVD includes "Anatomy of a Foodimal," "Production Design: Back in the Kitchen," "Awesome End Credits," "Building the Foodimals," "The Mysterious Sasquash," "Delicious Production Design," a music video and the making of it, plus “Cloudy Café: Who's On the Menu?” The Blu-ray adds four deleted scenes, four mini-movies and a Foodimal-Funimal App.

For Babies 0-2?

NO This movie is intended for older children.


MAYBE Although they'll delight in the vivid, eye-popping animation, preschoolers may have trouble following the whole story. Those who are familiar with the original book will be thrilled to see it come alive again on the screen. Five-year-olds will be awestruck at the sight of the foodimals, especially the hippo-tatoes!


YES Six- to nine-year-olds will be totally enamored with the foodimals, and will get a kick out of figuring out all the oh-so-clever visual puns including watermelophants, apple piethons and tacodiles! They'll also fall for the flamangoes and shrimpanzees! On a more serious note, kids in this age group will understand that it's important to see their idols for who they really are, and never to put a celebrity's fame above the loyalty and authenticity of their friends and families.


MAYBE Although most tweens have probably outgrown the story, they may still want to watch the movie out of a sense of nostalgia—and they won't be disappointed. They'll appreciate the wordplay, and will laugh when someone shouts, "There's a leak in the boat!" only to realize there's actually a leek in there!

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