The Backyardigans Games

The Backyardigans Games

Every day you'll be back for more with your friends!

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Trick-or-Treat Dress-Up Game

Who are those masked characters? It's the Backyardigans!

Backyardigans Pirate Game

Island hop across the seven seas collecting treasure!

Tale of the Mighty Knights Game

The Backyardigans need help keeping King Pablo's pet egg safe while he's away

Mermaid Matching Game

Swim with mermaids to help collect all the things that fell into the sea

Robin Hood the Clean

It's a stink-o-rama in Filthingham and all the cleaning supplies are missing!

Backyardigans Mission to Mars

Gamers lead the way on an out-of-this-world Martian adventure

Backyardigans Racing Adventure

Start your engines, drivers! Welcome to the Super Race Car Championship!

Backyardigans Adventure Maker

This game lets kids choose their own adventure--Backyardigans style!

Mission to Mars

Mission accomplished? Not quite!

9 Game(s)
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