Blue Is My Name

Blue Is My Name

Read Blue's story and watch the blue words change into pictures. Favorites from the show like Tickety, Mr. Salt, and Slippery all make appearances.

Look for clues with Blue, weekdays on Nick Jr.Look for clues with Blue, weekdays on Nick Jr.

Blue Is My Name

Game Play Features:

Controls: Mouse
Gameplay requires the use of the mouse.
Play Together
Turn this single-player game into a "play together" by sharing the controls or asking your child to make gameplay choices while you work the controls.

Developmental Skills:

Read with Us
Read with us skills focus on early literacy and include: listening, comprehension, speech, reading, writing, vocabulary, letters and their sounds, and spelling.
Share & Care with Us
Share & Care skills are part of social-emotional learning and include: building self-esteem, cooperating, empathizing with others, and identifying feelings.
Ages: 3-4

Play The Game

About the Game

Your little one will love this interactive story game. Use your mouse to go over the blue words and see them change into pictures. Move the cursor around the screen to find surprise animations and sounds. Along the way, you will see Shovel and Pail and see rain come down in a book! Be sure to click on the little pink snail to see it scurry away. This is a great read-together game and it is part of the Blue's Clues Preschool Ready-to-Read series of books. The game has one level.

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