Daizy's Kickety-Kick Ball

Daizy's Kickety-Kick Ball

Kickety-kick ball is so much fun when you play with Wubbzy and Daizy. Try to make the ball bounce into as many things as possible and see what happens!

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Daizy's Kickety-Kick Ball

Game Play Features:

Controls: Mouse
Gameplay requires the use of the mouse.
Single Player
This game requires only one player.
This game either comes with a printable or an option to print your work. Make sure you have a printer set up for full enjoyment of the game.

Developmental Skills:

Discover with Us
Discover with us skills relate to science and technology and include: observing and predicting, asking questions, and investigating nature, objects, Earth, and space.
Ages: 4-6

Play The Game

About the Game

Your preschooler will love Kickety-Kick Ball! Use your mouse to move Daizy or Wubbzy left and right and when the ball is right above them, click the mouse button to make it bounce all over the place! The game takes place in different locations in Wuzzleburg. Watch as eggs hatch baby birds and plants magically grow when the kickety-kick ball bounces off them! This game has 10 levels and the ball moves faster throughout.

Parent Tip: At the end of gameplay, you can print out a flip book for your child that shows Daizy twirling and playing.

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