Franklin the Turtle's Dancing Game

Franklin the Turtle's Dancing Game

He spins and he moves his head, arms, and legs. He's a. . . dancing turtle? Exactly! Help Franklin groove to the beat.

Franklin's Magic Xmas, 12/2 @ 8pm ET on Nick Jr.Franklin's Magic Xmas, 12/2 @ 8pm ET on Nick Jr.

Franklin the Turtle's Dancing Game

Game Play Features:

Controls: Mouse
Gameplay requires the use of the mouse.
Single Player
This game requires only one player.

Developmental Skills:

Make Music with Us
Music skills include: singing or playing instruments, dancing and moving, appreciating different styles of music, and understanding concepts like rhythm and dynamics.
Ages: 2-4

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About the Game

Franklin is moving and grooving in this game. Your little choreographer will get a kick out of making his favorite turtle dance and then dance some more. Use the mouse to control the four buttons to the right, which control his spin, his head, his arms, and legs. The buttons for his head, arms, and legs have three to five moves each, and you can also click on the stereo in the background to the left to change the beat.

Parent Tip: This is a game without any real levels; the goal is to play with the different buttons and see how they make Franklin do different dance moves.

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