The Fresh Beat Band - Freezy Smoothies

The Fresh Beat Band - Freezy Smoothies

The Fresh Beat Band is HOT! Help the band cool down and catch ingredients for icy cold smoothies. Watch out for falling pickles!

Feel the Beats only on Nick Jr.Feel the Beats only on Nick Jr.

The Fresh Beat Band - Freezy Smoothies

Game Play Features:

Controls: Mouse
Gameplay requires the use of the mouse.
Single Player
This game requires only one player.

Developmental Skills:

Make Music with Us
Music skills include: singing or playing instruments, dancing and moving, appreciating different styles of music, and understanding concepts like rhythm and dynamics.
Ages: 3-6

Play The Game

About the Game

Your child will hip, hop and pop for this game! Click on a Fresh Beat band member and move the mouse to catch the freezy smoothie ingredients. Catch the falling ice, fruit, and juice shown on the side of the screen and the smoothie is complete! Save your instrument from falling and gather bananas for little surprises. But be sure to avoid silly items like pretzels and ketchup! Help the band with their freezy smoothies so they can finally cool off and get back to playing kickin' music!

Parent Tip: Play until the end for a sweet musical treat and printables.

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