Mike the Knight Viking Bounce

Mike the Knight Viking Bounce

Mike the Knight needs help saving the village by bouncing Vikings off his shield and back into their Viking boat so they can sail away!

Mike the Knight, weekdays @ 3:00PM ET on Nick Jr.Mike the Knight, weekdays @ 3:00PM ET on Nick Jr.

Mike the Knight Viking Bounce

Game Play Features:

Controls: Mouse
Gameplay requires the use of the mouse.
Single Player
This game requires only one player.

Developmental Skills:

Explore with Us
Explore with us learning encompasses diversity, global cultures and languages, local neighborhood and community, and family roles and traditions.
Ages: 3-6

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About the Game

Your courageous little knight will get a kick out of helping Mike bounce Vikings off of his shield to save Glendragon. Vikings roll down the grassy hill towards Mike and the village, and your child will move the mouse up and down to position the shield and bounce the Vikings back into their boat. When all of the Vikings are in their boat, they sail away. Huzzah! Your child can practice hand-eye coordination while having some knightly fun!

Parent Tip: There are two levels. In the harder level, the Vikings roll more quickly. Also, the Viking ship moves, making it difficult to bounce the Vikings back where they belong.

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