Miss Spider's Dragonfly Derby

Miss Spider's Dragonfly Derby

Miss Spiderís been invited to a tea party, but she needs to bring honeysuckle before she goes. Can you help Dragon collect as much as possible?

Catch Miss Spider only on Nick Jr.Catch Miss Spider only on Nick Jr.

Miss Spider's Dragonfly Derby

Game Play Features:

Single Player
This game requires only one player.
Controls: Mouse
Gameplay requires the use of the mouse.

Developmental Skills:

Move with Us
Move with us skills include: gross motor (like running and dancing), fine motor (like tracing and cutting), healthy habits, and safety awareness.
Ages: 4-6

Play The Game

About the Game

Miss Spider is calling out all master flying aces--your little ones. Theyíre late for a tea party but need to bring some honeysuckle. Thatís where your little fliers come in. Miss Spider sends out her child Dragon to collect the honeysuckle, but your child controls Dragonís actions. With your mouse maneuver Dragon under, above, and around the obstacles so she can catch the honeysuckle, but watch out for the falling objects such as leaves and acornsóget hit with one and you lose a point. By catching the blueberries, you can do super tricks to collect even more honeysuckle. Bring as much honeysuckle to the party as you can. The games features two levels, easy and hard, and requires some ability to move a mouse and click.

Parent Tip: In order to spot and evade any falling objects or to grab the honeysuckle and blueberries, keep Dragon left of center in the game field, giving your little one time to react.

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