Games for 2-3 year-olds

Games for 2-3 year-olds

Great games for tiny tots

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Oobi Remembers

Give Oobi a hand and try to remember which object is missing

Blue's Puppy Maker

Blue can't wait to see what the new puppy will look like!

Do the Blue

Woop Dee Doo! Come on and dance the Blue!

Blue's Birthday Party Dress-Up

It's her party and she'll dress how she wants to.

Find Oswald's Hat

Oswald's hat is lost! Kids sort through the shapes and colors to find it!

Blue's What's in the Box?

Can you imagine what's in the box for Steve?

Goodnight Bird

"I'm not tired!" Sound familiar? That's what a bird on a hill kept saying.

Where Do Slippers Sleep?

Hmmm...let's find out!

Little Bear's Dress-Up

It's your turn to dress Little Bear and his friend Duck!

9 Game(s)
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