Games for 5-6 year-olds

Games for 5-6 year-olds

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Ready, Set, Dino Game

Dan hops on a dino's back & races down a track to see which dino is the fastest

Blue's Golden Clues Game

Hop aboard the train and uncover clues in all three cities!

Blue's Clues Ghost Hunt

Can your little ghost tracker help find Blue's ghost friends in the old house?

Dino Dan's Dino Dig Game

Kids dig up all kinds of fossils, facts, and fun with Dino Dan

Numbers With Oobi

Oobi’s counting on your little learner to learn to count

Polka Dot's Bubble Puzzle

Polka Dot is blowing bubble letters that will form a word. Pop, pop!

Blue's Matching Game

Play matchmaker! Help Blue find the pairs of cards that match.

Little Bear's Jigsaw Puzzle

Drag and drop the puzzle pieces so Little Bear can make the perfect puzzle.

Meet Blue's Baby Brother

Help Blue find her baby brother!

9 Game(s)
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