Letters with Oobi

Letters with Oobi

Oobiís crossing his Tís and dotting his Iís in this letter-perfect game for preschoolers

Watch Oobi every day on Nick Jr.Watch Oobi every day on Nick Jr.

Letters with Oobi

Game Play Features:

Single Player
This game requires only one player.
Controls: Mouse
Gameplay requires the use of the mouse.

Developmental Skills:

Read with Us
Read with us skills focus on early literacy and include: listening, comprehension, speech, reading, writing, vocabulary, letters and their sounds, and spelling.
Ages: 2-5

Play The Game

About the Game

You can count on Oobi to give your little a hand recognizing letters. Oobi will name an object that begins with a certain letteróand stresses the strong sound of the initial letter. Oobi repeats the sound and the word that begins with that sound. Oobi then gives two possible answers. Little ones look at the possibilities and click on the object that starts with the same initial sound. Get it right and win a star. Get three stars and you win the game. Play as often as you like.

Parent Tip: For little ones who donít know their letters yet, try looking at the object and then sounding out the initial sounds. If it matches Oobiís, then click on it.

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