Peter Rabbit Fruit & Veggie Downhill Dash

Peter Rabbit Fruit & Veggie Downhill Dash

A good rabbit never gives up! So when Peter and his pals lose all their fruits and veggies, they'll need your child's help to get them all back.

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Peter Rabbit Fruit & Veggie Downhill Dash

Game Play Features:

Controls: Keyboard
Gameplay requires use of one or more keys on the keyboard.
Single Player
This game requires only one player.

Developmental Skills:

Count with Us
Count with us skills include: numbers, counting, measurement, math terms (more than, less than, circle) and math concepts (comparisons, shapes, patterns).
Ages: 3-6

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About the Game

Strawberries, carrots, radishes... yum! Peter, Lily, and Benjamin, have collected a bunch of fruits and veggies from Mr. McGregor's garden. But when Benjamin accidentally knocks their stash over, they'll have to slide down a hill to get all their food back! Can your child help to lead the way? Hop to it! To steer the rabbits down the hill, use the up and down arrows on the keyboard. Watch out for a sneaky fox and other obstacles in the way! Use the space bar to jump over things. Slide over each fruit and veggie to collect it. Move faster by pressing the forward arrow key. Collect all the fruits and veggies before it gets dark!

Parent Tip: Encourage your kids to collect all the strawberries, carrots, and radishes and at the end they´┐Żll receive a prize.

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