Games for 3-4 year-olds

Games for 3-4 year-olds

Perfect picks for your preschooler

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The Stinky Dozen

The team needs your help! Round up the bad guys and get your own Umi Cops badge!

Umizoomi Shape Bandit Game

Kids use shapes skills to build racing vehicles & help catch the Shape Bandit!

Umi Grand Prix Game

Join the team on their flag-collecting Grand Prix mission!

Shark Car Race Game

Speed down the beach to the ferry with Team Umizoomi's supercharged friend

Umi City: Mighty Missions Game

Find 6 action-packed math adventures in one umirrific game

UmiCar's Shape Race Game

Collect super power shapes, avoid obstacles & speed past Dump Truck to win!

Umi Mighty Bike Race Game

Take off with the team! Speed by obstacles & robots in a race to the finish line

Geo's Kite Building Game

Shapes and patterns make for high-flying fun!

Geo's Shape-Building Game

Kids assemble their own Umizoomi vehicle with Geo's super shapes

9 Game(s)
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