UmiCar's Shape Mountain Race

UmiCar's Shape Mountain Race

Racers, start your engines! Team Umizoomi needs help racing up Shape Mountain, collecting super power shapes, and avoiding obstacles to beat Dump Truck to the top!

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UmiCar's Shape Mountain Race

Game Play Features:

Controls: Keyboard
Gameplay requires use of one or more keys on the keyboard.
Single Player
This game requires only one player.
This game either comes with a printable or an option to print your work. Make sure you have a printer set up for full enjoyment of the game.

Developmental Skills:

Count with Us
Count with us skills include: numbers, counting, measurement, math terms (more than, less than, circle) and math concepts (comparisons, shapes, patterns).
Ages: 3-6

Play The Game

About the Game

UmiCar has always wanted super flying powers, and now's his chance to have it! But Dump Truck wants to fly too, and he's heading up Shape Mountain to grab the magic dodecahedron. Now UmiCar needs your UmiFriend's help to beat Dump Truck to the top. UmiCar needs super speed to pass Dump Truck, and gamers will have to identify the three magic shapes that will make UmiCar race faster: a cube, a sphere, and a pyramid. During this three-level game, Team Umizoomi will identify what shape needs to be collected. To move UmiCar, press the up and down arrow keys; to make him go faster, press the right arrow key; and to jump over things in the way, press the space bar. Watch out for obstacles along the way that might slow UmiCar down.

Parent Tip: Instruct kids to collect magic stars used to fill the dodecahedron at the end of the game. Help UmiCar win the race and kids will speed off with a cool printable prize!

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