Games for 4-5 year-olds

Games for 4-5 year-olds

Age-appropriate games & activities

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Wonder Pets! Save the Day Game

The Wonder Pets need help saving baby animals!

Wonder Pets! Phone Game

The phone is ringing. There's an animal in trouble--call the Wonder Pets!

Adventures in Wonderland

Down the rabbit hole your gamers go for some high-flying fun!

Wonder Pets Save Sea Creatures

Hold on, baby sea creatures!

Wonder Pets Save a Dinosaur!

This is serious! A baby triceratops needs your help.

Wonder Pets Bengal Tiger's Bash

It's time for the Bengal Tiger's "davat," which is a big ol' party!

Wonder Pets Join the Circus

In this game, the acts are in trouble, but teamwork can save the day!

Wonder Pets! Save the Circus

Join the Wonder Pets at the Circus!

Wonder Pets! Save the Puppy

A puppy needs your help!

9 Game(s)
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