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Tune in Monday, March 18 and Wednesday, March 20 at 10AM ET/PT to catch two positively precocious puppy premieres on NICK.

Catch a sneak peek of an all-new episode in which Boots is in more trouble than a barrel full of monkeys in "Dora & Perrito to the Rescue." Catch all the action Monday, March 18 at 10AM ET/PT only on NICK.

Dora & Perrito to the Rescue

In this episode that is more fun than a barrel of monkeys--er, in this case a monkey is in a barrel, and it's Boots, Dora's closest and greatest friend. It all starts when Perrito, Dora's cute little puppy comes running to her with his paws all filled with mud. Perrito manages to tell Dora that Boots is in a barrel that's heading down the river and over a waterfall. Oh, no! Al rescate! To get to the river, Dora, Perrito, and Scooter have challenges ahead. First to cross the Troll Bridge, but the Troll has dropped his key down the well. No worries, brave and resourceful Perrito will fetch it. Next, they must travel through the Nutty Forest, where Tico and friends protect the trio from the falling nuts. Finally it's on to the river to save Boots from the waterfall. No fears, Dora, Perrito, Scooter and your child will devise a plan to bring Boots to safety! Will they get there in time? Has Boots been monkeying around a little too often? To find out you'll need to tune in Monday, March 18 at 10AM ET/PT on NICK. Al rescate, amigos!

Puppies Galore!

There are puppies, lots of puppies. And it's their bathtime. Dora, Boots, and Benny are giving these pretty puppies their bath when they notice that one of them is missing. On, no! Little Boots, the cutest of all the puppies, is missing and he's on his way to the bear cave. But first, they have to ride the Puppy Train, cross the Muddy River and then on to the bear cave to head off Little Boots before it's too late. While on the Doggy Train, they have to stop to feed it doggy biscuits so it can power up and outrun those dusty tumbleweeds that are chasing them. Next up the Muddy River. But how to get all those little puppies over the river without getting all dirty? With the help of Backpack, Dora pulls out rubber balls for the playful pups to fetch. Over the river they go, and so too go the airborne puppies. Finally, they arrive at the cave, only to find Little Boots right in front of the grouchy bear that has just woken up. How can Dora, Boots, Benny and all the little pups save Little Boots? Tune in to find out if this plentiful pack of playful pups and Dora can do it. Pup in for the premiere episode, Wednesday, March 20 at 10AM ET/PT on NICK.
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