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Age by Age Review For: Chasing Mavericks
Chasing Mavericks

In Theaters Now
Best For Tweens (10-12)
Rated PG
Age-By-Age Guide
Action Adventure | Life Lessons
Determined to surf one of the biggest, most dangerous waves in the world, 15-year-old Jay Moriarty (Jonny Weston) asks local legend Frosty Hesson (Gerard Butler) to train him.

Based on the true story of two surfing phenomena--the tenacious young athlete and the monster wave itself--this inspiring movie will have viewers cheering for Jay to accomplish his goal. The surfing footage is stunning, and the story is serious and beautifully told. Jay Moriarty drowned at the age of 22, but that's only mentioned after the movie is over. The film is a tribute to the passion, discipline, and support that make dreams come true, and it clearly reveals why so many members of the professional surf community aspire to "Live Like Jay."
Baby (0-2)
No This movie is intended for older children.
Preschool (3-5)
No This movie is intended for older children.
Kids (6-9)
Maybe The movie is probably too intense for younger children in this age group, who will find it disturbing that Jay actually acts like more of a grown-up than his mother. Older kids will be awestruck by the waves--and the fact that people can actually ride them.
Tweens (10-12)
Yes Tweens will find much to think about as Frosty teaches Jay the four pillars of a strong foundation--mental, physical, spiritual and emotional--and trains him in each area, almost like The Karate Kid of surfing. Jay learns as much about life as he does about the sport--and so will young audiences. They'll understand that "fear is healthy, panic is deadly," and they'll realize that, no matter what obstacles are in your way, "if you look hard enough, there's always a way through it."
--Lois Alter Mark, the Flicks for Kids Expert
Points For Parents
Movie Pluses

  • Empowers kids
  • Celebrates the father-son bond
  • Shows the importance of support and encouragement
  • Proves anything is possible with hard work and discipline
Movie Minuses

  • Deaths
  • Domestic violence
  • Alcohol consumption