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Age by Age Review For: Here Comes the Boom
Here Comes the Boom

In Theaters Now
Best For Tweens (10-12)
Rated PG
Age-By-Age Guide
Comedy | Life Lessons
When budget cuts threaten the high school music program, 42-year-old biology teacher Scott Voss (Kevin James) sets out to raise enough money to save it by moonlighting as a mixed martial arts (MMA) fighter.

This surprisingly uplifting movie is one of those movies audiences get caught up in despite having to suspend disbelief and knowing exactly where it's going from the beginning. The characters are likeable and the important message about never giving up doesn't feel preachy because it's taught through round after round of entertaining--but violent--MMA matches. Tweens will appreciate the fact that Voss shakes off his complacency to literally fight for his students.
Baby (0-2)
No This movie is intended for older children.
Preschool (3-5)
No This movie is intended for older children.
Kids (6-9)
Maybe The movie is probably too violent for younger children, and many of the fight scenes are painful to watch as Voss gets punched and pummeled, and takes a severe beating by a fighter known as The Executioner. Older kids will laugh when Voss tells his students to "keep it down," and one asks, "Can you keep it down?" after watching a match in which he had just thrown up all over his opponent.
Tweens (10-12)
Yes Many tweens will relate to the passion of the music teacher (Henry Winkler) who quotes Nietzsche, "Without music, life would be a mistake." They may pick up a tip from the student (Charice) who puts facts to music and turns them into songs to help her memorize her school work. Older kids will realize that the rewards of making an effort can be huge, and that anyone can be a hero. They may even start thinking about what they would choose as their own entrance song!
--Lois Alter Mark, the Flicks for Kids Expert
Points For Parents
Movie Pluses

  • Empowers viewers
  • Shows that nothing is impossible
  • Celebrates music
Movie Minuses

  • Violent cage fighting
  • Crude humor
  • Some objectionable language
  • Alcohol consumption