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Age by Age Review For: Jurassic Park 3D
Jurassic Park 3D

In Theaters Now
Best For Tweens (10-12)
Rated PG-13
Age-By-Age Guide
Action Adventure | Fantasy/Sci-Fi
A wealthy but eccentric developer builds a theme park with real cloned dinosaurs that go on a mission of death and destruction when a tropical storm knocks out the power during a preview tour.

Now, this is the way movies should be seen! Twenty years after its original release, Steven Spielberg has re-mastered his classic sci-fi adventure, using state-of-the-art 3D technology that wasn’t available back in the day. With the terror now right in their face, young viewers will definitely be scared--but many will relish those jump-out-of-their seats moments. Between the thought-provoking story and updated special effects, it will remind audiences why it can be so much more fun to see movies in a theater.
Baby (0-2)
No This movie is intended for older children.
Preschool (3-5)
No This movie is intended for older children.
Kids (6-9)
Maybe The movie is way too intense for younger viewers but those on the older end will be fascinated by the idea of a species coming back from extinction after millions of years, and will watch eagerly as a baby dinosaur hatches. As the raptors and T-Rexes transform from magical to terrifying, kids will understand the scientist's warning that nature can be both wondrous and dangerous.
Tweens (10-12)
Yes Tweens will be enthralled with this cautionary tale, which is likely to instill a healthy respect for nature in them. They'll find much food for thought in the paleontologists' theory that "just because you can doesn't mean you should," and they may have some interesting ideas of their own about cloning. Even if they've seen the movie before, they haven't seen it this way--and they will love it!
--Lois Alter Mark, the Flicks for Kids Expert
Points For Parents
Movie Pluses

  • Instills respect for nature
  • Encourages imagination
Movie Minuses

  • Deadly dinosaur attacks
  • Children in peril
  • Some mild profanity
  • A character chain-smokes