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Age by Age Review For: Snow White & the Huntsman
Snow White & the Huntsman

On DVD Now
Best For Tweens (10-12)
Rated PG-13
Age-By-Age Guide
Fantasy/Sci-Fi | Action Adventure
Evil Queen Ravenna (Charlize Theron) orders a huntsman (Chris Hemsworth) to find her stepdaughter, Snow White (Kristen Stewart), who has escaped after being locked up for most of her life, and bring her back so she can take out her heart and preserve her own youth.

This is no Disney version of the classic fairy tale and, as visually stunning as it is, it is not geared toward children. Tweens will want to see it because of "Twilight" star Stewart in the title role, but be warned: this is not a movie for the fainthearted. Ravenna has a death stare and a booming voice that will keep young viewers glued to their seats, terrified to move. Thriving on a diet of the hearts of living creatures, she is a force to be reckoned with. Older tweens will be riveted but all other children will find that the film lives up to the name of the brothers who wrote the original story: it’s definitely Grimm.
Baby (0-2)
No This movie is intended for older children.
Preschool (3-5)
No This movie is intended for older children.
Kids (6-9)
No This movie is intended for older children.
Tweens (10-12)
Maybe Younger kids in this age group are likely to find most of the movie too intense and frightening. Twelve-year-olds will see the devastating effects of a youth and beauty-obsessed mentality, and will be relieved that, even in this very dark version of the fairy tale, good ultimately triumphs.
--Lois Alter Mark, the Flicks for Kids Expert
DVD Features
The combo pack includes Blu-ray, DVD and digital versions of the film, plus an extended edition not seen in theaters. The DVD includes "A New Legend is Born." The Blu-ray adds "Reinventing the Fairy Tale," "Citizens of the Kingdom," "The Magic of 'Snow White and the Huntsman'," and a tour of the set. Universal's Second Screen lets viewers interact with the movie on a synched computer or tablet.
Points For Parents
Movie Pluses

  • Good triumphs over evil
  • Shows your heart is the real source of your beauty
Movie Minuses

  • Lots of violence, death and destruction
  • Disturbing imagery
  • Alcohol consumption