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Age by Age Review For: Tom and Jerry: Trick & Treats
Tom and Jerry: Trick & Treats

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Best For Kids (6-9)
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Age-By-Age Guide
Animation | Classic
The chase is on as everyone's favorite cat and mouse star in 20 classic cartoons.

Tom and Jerry have been playing cat and mouse for decades, yet these cartoons feel as fresh as the first time you saw them! For many kids, it will be the first time--and they'll be delighted by what they see! Tom and Jerry's appeal is timeless because, although they are certainly each other's biggest nemesis, they quickly pull together as a team when there's any kind of threat. Kids will feel very familiar with that relationship--siblings, anyone?--and will enjoy the constant slapstick. Perfect for Halloween, it's got just the right amount of chills and thrills but is, above all, frightfully funny.

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Baby (0-2)
No This DVD is intended for older children.
Preschool (3-5)
Maybe The slapstick violence is too intense for younger preschoolers but five-year-olds are likely to laugh themselves silly over Tom and Jerry's antics, especially when they see Tom's underwear (which happens more than once)! They'll probably best appreciate the frenetic activity one cartoon at a time, and you may want to warn them not to try any of these tricks on their baby brothers and sisters!
Kids (6-9)
Yes Kids will think the cartoons are hilarious and that the humor never gets old! They may be surprised at how expressive Tom and Jerry are without ever saying a word. They'll appreciate that the pair find themselves in the most outrageous situations, from confronting a fire-breathing dragon to being fooled by a monkey to getting lost in a haunted forest, but manage to get out of them together--only to confront each other again!
Tweens (10-12)
Maybe Tweens may feel they've outgrown these cartoon characters, but many of them will find it hard to resist watching them again and reliving some of their favorite moments. They'll admire Tom and Jerry's creativity in baiting each other, and will find it reassuring that, even though they drive each other crazy, they're always there for each other in an emergency.
--Lois Alter Mark, the Flicks for Kids Expert
DVD Features
Two bonus cartoons
Points For Parents
Movie Pluses

  • Empowers young viewers
Movie Minuses

  • Constant slapstick violence