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Although Nick Jr. can't use every photo we get, these 8 simple tips may help you make the final cut.

1. Compose It Well
Kneel down to your child's level and make her the primary subject in the frame

2. Stay Focused
Shoot in good light, and try to keep your child as still as possible

3. Take a Step Back
Keep your child at least 2 to 3 feet from the camera, especially when using a flash

4. Hold Steady
Use a tripod or a stable surface like a table or ledge to keep your camera still

5. Get Flashy
Use a flash when shooting in extremely low light or to eliminate shadows when there's a light source directly behind or above your child

6. Make It Personal
Do not submit photos of children who are not your own

7. Keep It Private
Do not include anything with your child's full name, your address, or your location

8. Always Avoid
  • Brand names
  • Product logos
  • Fuzzy or busy backgrounds