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Why can't I print?

Please be sure that the paper format is correct (i.e. 8 1/2 X 11).
If you are still having trouble, please check our Technical Issues page to confirm your computer has the necessary hardware, software, and other components.

I can't find a particular printable. Where can I look?

Try going to the appropriate "Show" page (e.g. Dora for Parents, Blue's Clues for Parents). From the homepage, use the "Pick a Show" drop-down menu. When you get to the "Show" page, click on the "Printables" link.

If you can't find the printable here, click on the "Activity Finder" drop-down menu on the left-side of every page. Click on "Printables." You should be able to find the printable you are looking for in one of these two places.

I've deleted my Newsletter. How can I get to the Exclusive Printable again?

The Exclusive Printable in each newsletter can be accessed only from that newsletter. However, after about two weeks, you may be able to find that Exclusive Printable on Look under the Printables section of the appropriate "Show" page (e.g. Dora For Parents, Blue's Clues for Parents) or look in the Activity Finder under Printables (on the left side of every page).

I'm still having trouble printing. What can I do?

To help us better understand the problem you are experiencing with our site, it would be very helpful if you would send us an e-mail indicating:

  • The name of the printable you are trying to print.

  • The specific problem you are having (e.g., not printing all pages, printing blank pages, etc.).

  • The make and model of your printer.

  • What kind of internet connection you have (DSL, cable modem, or dial-up).