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Do you have fan clubs for any Nick Jr. shows?

There are no official fan clubs for Nick Jr. shows at this time. However, you may write to Steve, Blue, Little Bill, Dora, or any of Nick Jr.'s stars

c/o Nickelodeon
1515 Broadway
New York, NY 10036

I saw a commercial on Nick Jr. that I don't think is appropriate for preschoolers. What happened?

Nickelodeon's advertisements adhere to strict guidelines, but there are occasions when something slips by. This could be on a national or local cable level. Nickelodeon wants to know about these so that we may determine the source and possible reason why this type of commercial may have been scheduled.

You have three options to contact us about a commercial:

Send e-mail to

Write to Nickelodeon Viewer Services
1515 Broadway,
New York, NY 10036

Or call 212-258-7579

Please include the following information:
-Your name
-Your complete address
-Daytime telephone number
-Cable/satellite operator
-The exact time and day you saw the commercial
-A brief description of the commercial

Will the Blue's Clues Live tour or Dora Live tour be coming to my town?

Check the schedules for Blue's Clues Live and Dora Live to find out if the tours are coming to your town.

Where can I get more information about my child's favorite Nick Jr. shows.

Please visit Shows for more information on your child's favorite Nick Jr. programs

Do you have a Nick Jr. Magazine? How can I get one?

Yes! Take a peek at some of the content in this month's issue of Nick Jr. Family Magazine and find out about subscriptions here.

Why don't you show my child's favorite Nick Jr. program any more?

Unfortunately, we don't own some of the programs we air, and we can only show these programs for a limited time. Other shows are moved to make way for new shows.

I have a question that's not covered here.

If you still have questions, we hope you will write to us. Although we can't respond to every e-mail personally, we do read and appreciate every letter we receive.