Kids Portion Size Printable Charts

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These charts were developed by a nutritionist to clarify portion sizes for kids ages 4-6 and 6-11.

Print the appropriate age group chart and post it on your fridge for an at-a-glance guide to portion sizes and daily recommended servings for your kids.

** Please note that children ages 2-3 require about 2/3 of the amounts listed below.


Kids 4-6: 6 servings daily
Kids 6-11: 5-7 servings daily

Serving suggestions for bread, rice or cereal:

1 slice whole-grain bread = a floppy disk

1/2 cup cooked rice, pasta, or cereal = a computer mouse


Kids 4-6: 3 servings daily
Kids 6-11: 4-6 servings daily

Serving suggestions:

1/2 cup raw or cooked vegetables (a variety of colors) = an ice-cream scooper

1 cup leafy vegetables (lettuce, spinach) = a baseball

1/2 cup legumes = a lightbulb

This group includes beans, starches, and legumes.


Kids 4-6: 2 servings daily
Kids 6-11: 3-4 servings daily

Serving suggestions:

3/4 cup fruit juice = a 6 oz. juice can

1/2 cup fruit (chopped, fresh, or canned)= a woman's fist

This group includes fresh or canned fruits and fresh fruit juices.


Kids 4-6: 2 servings daily
Kids 6-11: 3 servings daily

Serving suggestions:

1 cup whole milk = an 8 oz. yogurt container (after age 3, skim milk)

1 1/2 oz. sliced cheese (natural) or 2 oz. (processed) = 3 dominoes


Kids 4-6: 2 servings daily
Kids 6-11: 5-6 servings daily

Serving suggestions:

2 tbsp. peanut butter = ping-pong ball

2-3 oz. cooked lean meat or skinless poultry = a deck of cards

2-3 oz. fish = a checkbook

1/2 cup cooked dried beans = lightbulb

1 medium-sized egg
Written by Lisa Sasson, M.S., R.D., clinical assistant professor, New York University Department of Nutrition, Food Studies, and Public Health

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