julius jr. curriculum

Find out about the skills your child will be learning while watching the show


Julius Jr.'s Curriculum

Julius Jr. is a rambunctious monkey who enjoys saving the day by making savvy inventions with his friends. On every adventure, the show's socio-emotional curriculum provides kids with the opportunity to learn how to interact with others and begin thinking outside the box. At an age right before stepping into the classroom, it is crucial preschoolers begin to learn how to interact with others and how to take these relationships to the next level and begin building positive support groups around them. To learn more about this all-new series, continue reading below for key curriculum objectives:

Primary Learning Goals

Individuality & Sense of Self: Julius Jr. teaches kids to develop their own individuality and sense of self; helping them to identify their place in the world. Whether it's Clancy, the vertically challenged giraffe, or Worry Bear, the worrisome bear, the entire cast's personalities are unique and equal. This dynamic helps create an understanding of the bond and acceptance between peers.

Cooperative & Active Play: Before meeting their classmates, there is no skill more important for your preschooler to learn than how to share and play with their prospective new friends. The creators of the show have produced a character dynamic between Julius Jr. and his friends to help teach your child the basics about making and maintaining healthy friendships.

Imagination & Inventiveness: Within the show's original music, Hall of Doors and transformation of ordinary household objects into secondary characters, the show will expand your preschooler's imagination. With the combination of these elements and the show emphasis on Julius Jr.'s savvy inventive spirit, your preschooler will be ready for their first day of school in no time.

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