meet the characters of julius jr.

Meet Julius Jr., a monkey with a dream, his team of friends, and their inventive schemes

Our hero, Julius Jr., is a funky monkey with a penchant for invention. Together with his best pals, Worry Bear, Sheree, Clancy and Ping, they build a playhouse out of a simple cardboard box. But when they walk inside, to their surprise and delight, they discover that ordinary objects magically come to life and amazing adventures are just a door away.

Julius Jr.

Julius Jr. has a team, a dream and a scheme. As the unflappable and cool leader of his gaggle of goofy friends, he's the group leader, the inventor and innocent instigator of all the monkey business that goes on around him and his friends. Known to spout, "Eureka!" upon an experiment's success, Julius Jr.'s attention is mostly on invention.

Worry Bear

Trustworthy and true, Worry Bear is Julius Jr.'s loyal sidekick, but he's a bit of a fusspot. Where Julius sees silver clouds, Worry Bear sees dark clouds. Possessor of a very high IQ, he often gets talked into many of Julius Jr.'s crazy schemes, but he's the peacemaker of the gang and often prompts a group hug to smooth things out. He's a collector by nature and is never without his beloved sock monkey, Rocky.


Sheree, a tomboy with a tutu, used to be cranky, but has learned that through giving she can find true happiness. She's keen on sparkles, meticulously detail-oriented, ambitious, and she digs singing with the band. Also, this "splendiferous" pastry chef loves to bake the most delicious frosted cupcakes for all her friends.


Clancy's got a whole lotta bluster and rock 'n' roll going on. The world is a big place when you're the world's smallest giraffe. This vertically challenged but maximally confident little dynamo is up for anything. Clancy is Julius Jr.'s most enthusiastic fan and thinks that all of Julius Jr.'s hair-brained schemes are pure genius. He loves the Box and all the inventions that can be found there.


Ping the Panda is Worry Bear's cousin. She may be small but is big on adventure. She's the youngest of the group--the de facto "little sister"--but is a whirlwind of activity and energy. Ping has a talent for seeing simple truths and obvious solutions. Julius love having her around for her out-of-the-box insights. Ping idolizes Sheree, whom she thinks as impossibly glamorous and cool.
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