allergy-proofing: eliminating mold & mildew

What do the bathroom, the kitchen, and basement all have in common? Mold & mildew. Here's how to get rid of it.


In the Bathroom

  • Scrub around the faucet on the sink and bath

  • Avoid hanging wallpaper in the bathroom. The moisture and humidity provide the perfect opportunity for mold to grow, unseen, beneath the wallpaper

  • Never install wall-to-wall carpeting in a bathroom--it harbors mold and mildew

  • Install an exhaust fan to draw out moisture, this is especially necessary if your bathroom is windowless

  • Use a sponge or squeegee after showering to remove excess water from the shower tiles or flat tub surfaces. Standing water allows mildew to form

  • Clean your bathroom weekly, using anti-mildew cleaners to help eliminate or prevent build up. Clean shower curtain edges, where mold and mildew tend to grow

  • Replace mildewed shower curtains and bathmats. Allow them to dry thoroughly to prevent mildew growth

In the Kitchen

  • Don't leave dishes sitting in the sink, and run your dishwasher daily

  • Scrub around the faucet area, and always wipe up wet or damp surfaces to discourage mildew growth

  • Check the drip pan for your fridge and mop up any spill or moisture that may have collected in the bottom of your fridge

  • Steam clean kitchen floors regularly

  • Clean the garbage and recycle bins on a regular basis, using diluted bleach and hot water or anti-mildew products

In the Basement

  • If your basement smells damp, install a dehumidifier to remove excess moisture from the air

  • Do not put carpeting down on a cement floor. Use linoleum or laminate flooring. Carpeting on top of cold concrete will allow moisture to condense, which can lead to mold growth

  • Keep children's toys in airtight containers and sanitize them regularly

  • Watch out for leaks via windows or cracks in your foundation

  • Use air tight plastic bins and containers for storing clothing, books, and other memorabilia that can collect dust, or become moldy
Jessica Brown
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