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Worried about letting your child play sports because of his asthma? Check out this advice on the safest sports for children with asthma


Get your child outside and moving with these suggested activities for kids with asthma
As long as your child's asthma is properly treated, she should be able to participate in sports--but not every parent realizes that.
Some sports are better suited for asthmatic children than others, so it's best to explain that to your little one which sports they can and cannot play.

  • Red Light Activities
    Because cold, dry air aggravates asthma, sports like hockey or ice-skating are more likely to trigger attacks, and should be avoided by kids with asthma. Activities that require constant motion, like soccer and track should also be avoided as the constant movement could trigger an episode.

  • Greenlight Activities
    Swimming, and similar activities that are done in a wet, humid environment, are better for kids with asthma.
  • Yellow Light Activities
    Sports that don't require constant action, such as baseball or martial arts like karate and taekwondo, are also good choices.
These are merely guidelines, as always, you should discuss with your doctor activities that are appropriate for your child, and if he is already involved in an activity that might trigger an episode, your doctor can also suggest ways for you and your child to monitor and control episodes to safely participate.
Dr. Sheerin stresses that is vital that active kids understand that they must have their inhalers with them at all times, especially when they are active. If you find that your child needs to frequently use his inhaler during sports, then you may need to check in with his doctor to see if he needs a change in medication.
Talking about role models is also a way to let an asthmatic child know that she can play just as hard as her friends, adds Carlton: "Explain that many great athletes have asthma--in fact, about 20 percent of Olympic athletes do!"
Four-time Olympian and World Champion in the women's heptathlon and the long-jump, Jackie Joyner Kersee is an asthma sufferer who didn't let her asthma keep her from earning multiple medals and setting world records during her long and illustrious track career. She is a shining example of how a child with asthma can excel if proper care is given to the condition.
Whatever the case, kids with asthma should be able to enjoy all the same things as kids without the condition. The key is educating your child about limits, monitoring symptoms, and always keeping medication near at hand.

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