sun safety tips: eye protection

Find out why wearing sunglasses is less about being cool and more about keeping kids eyes safe from UVA and UVB sun damage.

Eye Protection for Preschoolers

While you're busily slathering your preschooler in SPF200 make sure you don't forget to be equally mindful of his eyes. Consider these simple tips for protecting little eyes from the sun's burning rays.

Some Facts

Just as early skin protection can prevent skin cancer later in life, the same can be said for protecting the eyes from harsh UV rays. Certain eye contains like cataracts and macular degeneration--conditions that generally occur later in life--may be prevented by properly protecting your child's eyes now. Here are some simple tips to follow:

1. Kids Needs Shades Too

Year-round sunglass protection is necessary for parents and for kids. And if you're family spends time skiing or on or the the water, sunglasses are mandatory to protect against the harsh glare and reflection of UV rays.

2. Get the Right Level of Protection

KidsHealth recommends parents check the labels of sunglasses, being sure to choose glasses with lenses that provide 100 percent UV protection.

3. Set a Good Example

Remember wear your sunglasses regularly, and your kids will want to do the same.

4. Wrap It Up

The best shades for kids should cover the entire eye area, including the sides of the face, which is why super cool looking wrap-around shades are best for kids--they keep sunlight for entering from the sides as well as protecting from the front.

5. Get Real Protection

Plastic toy sunglasses from the local toy store will not protect your child's eyes. For best protection, consult your local optician or optometrist for buying the best shades for your kids.

6. Don't Worry

Kids who wear corrective lenses play in their glasses all the time, so your child will be safe at play wearing sunglasses. And if your child plays sports, like baseball and soccer, look for eyeglass straps that will keep sunglasses on

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